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Joining the Center for Integrative Medicine will allow you to receive your medical care as well as other benefits not typical of a traditional practice. Our longer, unhurried visits provide more time to work on wellness and prevention instead of mainly symptoms and illness. 

Member Benefits -  All Inclusive

In addition to taking care of your primary care needs, the following benefits are also included in your membership fee:

  • You will only see me as a physician which creates improved continuity of care

  • Direct communication with me via mobile phone, text messaging, or email

  • Fast and direct communication with you about lab work or diagnostic tests for your peace of mind

  • My direct communication and coordination with your medical specialists

  • Longer, unhurried, and more relaxed appointments to have your concerns addressed

  • Referrals to wellness and complementary healing modalities by experienced and certified practitioners

  • No copays or deductibles at Center for Integrative Medicine office visits

  • Brief or no office wait times so you can get on with your day

  • Hospitalization advocacy to help you navigate and coordinate your care in a complex system

  • Ability to directly access your health records through our patient portal 

Center for Integrative Medicine - Tracy Johnston MD
Center for Integrative Medicine
Tracy Johnston MD
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