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Dr. Tracy Johnston

Tracy Johnston MD - Center for Integrative Medicine

I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia with a passion for science, the outdoors and helping those in need. As a child I noticed when a dog was running frantically because it was lost or a cat was meowing at me because it was tired and hungry. If I could catch the critter, it came home with me. Once home, the animal was fed, watered and loved. If the pet was lucky enough to be wearing tags, I called the worried owners. I am sure I ‘saved’ a few animals who didn’t really need my good intentions, but I never knew the difference.


In college, at Virginia Tech, I started out on the veterinary medicine track, but my passion and interest in healing became more focused on two legged beings.  From the beginning of my medical training, I was intensely aware of the power emotions and psychology had on a person’s healing and their overall wellbeing. 

I attended two well respected medical establishments and my training was rigorous and comprehensive.  I practice in an area where patients have access to world renowned specialists within a 90-mile radius of Winchester.  But over the years I discovered the Western 'black bag' didn't always have the answers. Patients did the therapies, took the medicines, made changes, saw specialists - and still weren't improving or improved very little. I continued to develop a great deal of respect for the mind-body connection and how life stressors and how we react to them affect our health.

Then in 2011, I lost both of my parents in a brief period of time. My mother died of breast and colon cancer and never went to the doctor.  My father died of Alzheimer's Disease 15 months later. Trying to process what happened to my mother, when I spend nearly every day ordering mammograms and colonoscopies, became a life changing journey.

Why Integrative Medicine? 


I began a very deep, personal journey inward for healing and considered whatever came into my path to help me. I became open to what else was out there.  I also knew that the healthier 'me' I brought to work each day would benefit my patients.


My path led me to learn about alternative modalities of healing such as Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Body Talk, NeuroLink, Herbal Medicine, Meditation, Intuitive Medicine and Integrative Energy Medicine.  I also learned that life doesn’t need to be either/or and that my own personal healing and wellness worked best when it included a blend of both worlds.

Beginning in 2014, I invested two years in the Whitewinds Institute of Integrative Energy Medicine working with founder Dr. Fernand Poulin and Featherstone Institute’s Tammy LaDrew as well as LeAnne Kamber. 


During these two years of intensive training, I spent over 400 hours practicing energy medicine.  I incorporate what I learned at Whitewinds every day in my practice and it has proved to be an incredible asset in my work as a healer.  Whitewinds was a tremendous gift to myself, and one I am able to share with my patients.  It was the touchstone for starting my own practice.

The mission at the Center for Integrative Medicine, is to bring the best of traditional, Western medicine together with complimentary, alternative medicine and provide an approach to healing and wellness which cares for the whole patient.

Board Certification

American Board of Family Medicine

Education & Training

Medical School 1990-1994

  Medical College of Viginia,

  Virginia Commonwealth University


 Internship and Residency 1994-1997

   University of Kentucky

Chief Resident 1997

   University of Kentucky 

Integrative Energy Medicine 2014-2016

    Whitewinds Institute

Awards & Recognition

Patients Choice Award 2014 - 2015

Compassionate Doctor Recognition 2014

On-Time Doctor Award 2014 - 2015

Tracy Johnston MD - Center for Integrative Medicine - corner leaves
Tracy Johnston MD - Center for Integrative Medicine
"The part can never be well unless the whole is well."
Center for Integrative Medicine - Tracy Johnston MD
Center for Integrative Medicine
Tracy Johnston MD
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