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Membership Fees

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Monthly Fees


Monthly Membership Fee

Age 5-26

$85.30 with Parent Membership

Age 5-26


Age 27-49


Age 50-64


Age 65 and over


One Time Registration Fee

One time $100 registration fee for individuals and $150 for couples/households which are being billed together on the same monthly invoice.

Intake Fee

Initial visits are often very complex, retrieving and reviewing outside records, labs and testing and assimilating this information into the new chart. We also experience patients for whom we have done a great deal of initial work and as soon as they feel better, they terminate their membership. This is perfectly understandable but does leave us at a significant loss for our time and efforts. 

  • $350 Intake fee for ages 5 to 26 unless joining with a parent who has already paid and had their first visit. Then the first visit fee is waived for the child aged 5 to 26 years.

  • $800 Intake fee for ages 27 and older.


Although your membership fee will cover the vast majority of your primary care needs, it is essential that you and your family maintain a medical insurance policy to cover those medical fees not included in your membership such as hospitalizations, services provided by specialists, diagnostic testing and prescription drugs.  

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