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Tracy Johnston MD - Center for Integrative Medicine

"When I was looking for a Primary Care physician in 2013, I was referrd to Dr. Tracy Johnston by my step father. It was the best decision I ever made. Not only has she been my life saver (literally), she has taught me about the type of person I really want to strive to be. I have since referred every member of my family to her as well as numerous people in my community. She is the best doctor I have ever had!"  

-KAB in Strasburg, VA

"Dr. Johnston stands out among all doctors I know. She listens very carefully to her patients. She is respectful and takes her patients' opionions very seriously. She is determined to figure out her patients' problems and find a treatment that fits the patient. I have never had a doctor treat me as throroughly as she has."  

-Ms. H

"My wife and I are truly grateful that Dr. Johnston was recommended to us. She is truly a caring, competent physician, and highly recommended!" 

- H.L. Garrett, III in Boyce, VA

"Doctor Johnston is an extremely competent and caring physician. She treats you like family and is a great listener. She also explains medical issues in easy to understand terms." 

- Mr. & Mrs. E in Front Royal, VA

"Thank heaven for Doctor Johnston. She discovered the problem with my husband's heart and saved him! She is the most kind, patient and caring doctor we have ever had." 

- Mr. & Mrs. Santini in Winchester, VA

Center for Integrative Medicine - Tracy Johnston MD
Center for Integrative Medicine
Tracy Johnston MD
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