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Center for Integrative Medicine

Winchester, Virginia

The Center opened in August 2016 and the past several years have been a whirlwind of growth and a dream come true.


Dr. Tracy Johnston - Center for Integrative Medicine

Tracy Johnston, MD

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"My wife and I are truly grateful that Dr. Johnston was recommended to us. She is truly a caring, competent physician, and highly recommended!" 

 - H.L. Garrett, III /Boyce, VA

What Patients Say
The Center opened in August 2016 and the past several years have been a whirlwind of growth and a dream come true.

         pening a nontraditional practice that allowed me to spend time with patients was the first step on a journey of 1000 miles. These miles have been incredibly rigorous; building up my fund of knowledge and breaking down many of my previously held tenets.  Diagnosing a condition is no longer what I am ultimately working toward. WHY is a question I ask every day.  Why did this happen to this patient, why did this happen at this point in time and can we work together to ‘reset the clock’.  This is a completely different approach to medical conditions compared to my intensive medical training. If a patient does have a specific diagnosis, I work hard to see what can be done to help maximize their health and minimize the undesired effects of their therapy, in addition to focusing on the causation of the condition.  


When my doors first opened, new patients came to me and told me how they did not feel well, but were told repeatedly by their previous physicians ‘but your labs look great’. Hearing this over and over caused me to seek answers - some of these people had been told their symptoms were all in their heads!  I began attending conferences on functional, integrative, and environmental medicine.  


My path crossed with many brilliant clinicians who were eager to teach and advise. I began a mentorship program with Dr. Neil Nathan, author of "Toxic," "Healing is Possible" and "On Hope and Healing," and a true pioneer in the field of environmental medicine. I also began learning how to support patients who may have health issues related to genetic variants using Nutri Genetic Research, a genetic program by Dr. Robert Miller.  


The conferences, books, and mentorship meetings delved deeply into tick-borne illness, mold infections, environmental toxins, heavy metal toxicity, hormonal imbalance, mitochondrial dysfunction, genetic susceptibility, and energetic medicine. The genetic susceptibility training helped illuminate why certain exposures affect some far more than others. I applied what I was learning to patients and many started getting better!  


I am very fortunate to work with many patients for whom health is a priority. Patients motivated to try to get to the bottom of why they do not feel well, focus on wellness, limit their prescription medications, and work on prevention BEFORE they have health issues. Many are appreciative knowing I will work hard alongside them to assist them in optimizing their health.   


Thank you for visiting our website - we are glad you’re here!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (540) 723-0611.


Tracy Johnston MD

Center for Integrative Medicine


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Center for Integrative Medicine - Tracy Johnston MD
Center for Integrative Medicine
Tracy Johnston MD
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