To my patients,

I am very excited to share the news of the opening of Tracy Johnston MD Center for Integrative Medicine.

I will be offering a new and innovative approach to primary care which brings the best of what you appreciated in the past and the improvements in access many of you requested . . . read more

Tracy Johnston, MD

"My wife and I are truly grateful that Dr. Johnston was recommended to us. She is truly a caring, competent physician, and highly recommended!" 

 - H.L. Garrett, III /Boyce, VA


Welcome to the online home of the Center for Integrative Medicine in

Winchester, Virginia established in 2016.

Opening a nontraditional practice which allowed me to spend time with patients was the first step on an extremely exciting and challenging journey.  Simply diagnosing a condition is no longer the goal. WHY is a question I ask every day. Why did this happen to this patient?  Why did this happen at this point in time?  This approach is completely different from what I learned during my more traditional medical training. And if a patient does have Diagnosis X, what can we do to get to the root cause of illness, help maximize and support their health with the least amount of prescription medication necessary.  


When my doors first opened, new patients came to me and told me they did not feel well, but were told repeatedly by previous physicians ‘but your labs look great’ or even worse, after a few negative tests, that the problem was mental or emotional. Hearing this story numerous times caused me to seek answers for these patients.  I began attending conferences on functional, integrative and environmental medicine. My path crossed with many brilliant clinicians who were eager to teach and advise. I began a mentorship program with Dr. Neil Nathan, author of the books Toxic and Healing is Possible and a true pioneer in the field of environmental medicine. 


I also began learning how to support patients who may have health issues related to genetic variants using NutriGeneticResearch, a genetic program by Dr. Robert Miller. The conferences, books and mentorship meetings delved deeply into tick borne illness, mold infections, environmental toxins, heavy metal toxicity,
chronic fatigue/myalgic encephalomyelitis, mitochondrial dysfunction and genetic susceptibility. The genetic susceptibility training helped illuminate why certain exposures affect some people earlier and far more significantly than others. I applied what I learned to patients and many started getting better!


I am very fortunate to work with patients for whom their health is a priority. Patients who are motivated to get to the bottom of their symptoms, maximize their wellbeing, minimize prescription medications and work on prevention BEFORE they have health issues! They are passionate and very appreciative knowing I will work hard, partnering alongside them, to help them reach their health goals.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are glad you’re here!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call (540-723-0611).


Tracy Johnston MD

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